A survey reveals that over $750 billion annually is being spent on reverse logistics processes in India. It was determined that a varied gap occurred among third party service providers who accessible reverse logistics services, and the OEMs, Retailers, and Brand Marketers who wanted their services.

GW has a totally different approach from their past Conference & Expo events, where they focused on Reverse Logistics Professionals only. GW now collaborates with all phases of the Supply Chain by partnering with the India Cold Chain Show, therefore growing exposure for their members and exhibitors. GW believes this places their membership and exhibitors in a position to force their resources for brand awareness.


GW’ Reverse Logistics Solution automates the complete reverse logistics process, assisting you make out return policies and limit applicable assurance policies. It removes errors, improves traceability and brings down costs.


The GW Advantage!

Optimize your reverse logistics operations using GW’ Reverse Logistics Solution and integrate your business progressions for better efficiency and improved service supply chain visibility.

GW reverse logistics system directly effects your company’s business profitability. When combined with other business functions and communications, it assistance you forecast and manage product returns more efficiently, resulting in reduced costs and developed controlling compliance.