Gw Logistics is experienced service providers in the field of Inventory Management. Inventory Management Services are proffer to traders, producers and banks for wares stored at GW’s warehouses which goods are usually pledged to banks. GW’s Warehouse Receipts can be discounted at the counters of most commodity banks and are accepted by the major international banks. GW provides its Inventory Management Services in combination with Integrated Logistics Services, to contain Freight Forwarding of the goods prior to arrival at the warehouse and after release from the warehouse. GW provides its clients with a broad range of services in support of international trade.

GW inventory management (IM) solutions are the most widespread and effective strength services in the logistics industry. We improve your inventory and minimize obsolescence at every level for better competitive advantage and exploited profitability. We offer a unique mix of plan, best-in-class technology – with powerful, proprietary simulation processes – and more than 25 years of experience providing IM best practices to companies in multiple industries.

We combine your business and product acquaintance with our People, Processes and Technology approach to leverage verified expertise while delivering customized results. Your inventory will be effectively managed throughout its lifecycle from new-part introduction to end-of-life. GW simulation technology gives you the best of selecting the customer service and inventory investment to care your business goals while clarifying the associated costs of the total supply chain.