GW Logistics delivers customized solutions for cold storage and refrigerated transportation across India. One of India’s young and fastest rising united cold chain logistics suppliers¸ GW brings best in class technology¸ qualified experience and on ground performance skills for safe and proficient solutions in the food supply chain.

GW Logistics is one of the few logistics dedicated investment firms in India that performs a unique philosophy of scaling up businesses through a twin alliance of growth capital and operational fineness. GW goals to be a PAN India player with planned footprints across key supply hubs providing specialized warehousing, cold storage¸ transportation¸ supply chain and logistics services for fresh and frozen supplies.

Our purpose is to partner with our clients to deliver cold storage and trucking solutions that deliver tangible, nonstop benefits and help drive bottom line efficacious

Our personalized solutions for fresh and frozen commodities aim to help in conserving food through reduced wastage during storage and transportation. Our Freshness Delivered assurance and stringent quality controls are set to make sure all freights and cargoes are delivered fresh, on time and meet your prospects