Inventory Logistic Solution

Gw Logistics is experienced service providers in the field of Inventory Management. Inventory Management Services are proffer to traders, producers and banks for wares stored at GW’s warehouses which goods are usually pledged to banks. GW’s Warehouse Receipts can be discounted at the counters of most commodity banks and are accepted by the major international

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Reverse Logistics

A survey reveals that over $750 billion annually is being spent on reverse logistics processes in India. It was determined that a varied gap occurred among third party service providers who accessible reverse logistics services, and the OEMs, Retailers, and Brand Marketers who wanted their services. GW has a totally different approach from their

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Global Network

GW logistics is an Certified group that embraces leading self-sufficiently owned and operated companies worldwide that specify in the logistics industry – including freight forwarders, transportation, warehousing, supply chain, intermediaries and linked companies – all working together in a network environment to advantage from our “Power of One “vision. Experienced and proficient staff handling

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Cold Chain Logistics

GW Logistics delivers customized solutions for cold storage and refrigerated transportation across India. One of India’s young and fastest rising united cold chain logistics suppliers¸ GW brings best in class technology¸ qualified experience and on ground performance skills for safe and proficient solutions in the food supply chain. GW Logistics is one of the

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Project Management

Laborious, detailed planning.  Superior execution And hands on control . Key elements of successful project logistics. It demands the best.GW Global Project Logistics division handles projects of each dimension. From  the humble to the most multifaceted specialized lifts, huge cargo, multimodal shipments and customized logistics. A trustworthy partner worldwide. A team of specialists. Resources

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